Pin trading an unofficial sport at Arctic Winter Games

A22E7C3BDE68EFF898EEEE9B32609F_h243_w430_m2_q80_cvrSlWkjnMany call pin trading the 21st sport at the Arctic Winter Games, and some say it’s highly addictive.

“Once I realized what it was and got into it, then I really got deep into it,” said Gina Kalloch, a pin-trading veteran with 18 years experience.

“I started designing pins myself and so I have pins that are really one-of-a-kind, limited editions to trade. And things really went crazy from there. Now people look for me when they come to the Arctic Winter Games.”

It seems simple enough: bring your own pins to the games and start trading with people from around the circumpolar world. But there’s strategy, just like in any other sport, and that comes with experience.

“As a beginner, I guess you’d sometimes break up sets,” said Andrew Noble of Team Alaska. “But as an experienced person, you’d just trade set for set.”

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