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Join the Pacific Pin Club today to enjoy the benefits, connections, information and access to experts that membership brings. For a small annual fee, members receive the following benefits:

  • Entrance to and trading table at each monthly meeting
  • Membership directory (issued annually in March)
  • Exclusive Club annual membership pin
  • Invitation to attend all formal Club business meetings
  • Invitation to join the volunteer Board of Directors if desired
  • Invitation to volunteer on a Club committee, event or work group

2024 Membership Policy and Guidelines

Membership Policy for the Pacific Pin Club – 2024

I. General Membership Guidelines:

a. Membership Fee: All prospective members are required to pay a $20 membership fee to be eligible for membership in the Pacific Pin Club.

b. Registration: Membership is valid only for individuals registered in the year 2024.

c. Inclusive Pin: The 2024 Pacific Pin Club membership includes the exclusive 2024 membership pin.

d. Geographic Limitation: Anyone in the world may become a Member of the Pacific Pin Club, but anyone requiring us to ship them a membership pin is responsible for the shipping cost (approx. $5 in Canada, $10 Int’l).

II. Additional Memberships:

a. Cost: Additional memberships beyond the initial one can be acquired at a rate of $20 each.

b. No Maximum: There is no maximum limit on the number of memberships an individual can purchase, allowing members and supporters to contribute generously to the club’s financial well-being.

III. Financial Support and Reselling Prevention:

a. Multiple Memberships: In support of the club’s financial stability, members are welcome to purchase multiple memberships to enhance funding.

b. Reselling Prohibited: In response to past financial challenges arising from members reselling pins, it is strictly prohibited to resell any Pacific Pin Club membership pin. Resale of the 2024 pin is therefore not condoned by the Pacific Pin Club.

IV. Commitment:

By adhering to these membership policies, individuals contribute to the sustained success and financial health of the Pacific Pin Club. Your cooperation ensures the club’s ability to thrive and provide members with unique and exclusive pin offerings.

2024 Membership Fees

Single $20.00
Family $40.00

Shipping of pin within Canada $5.00

Shipping of pin outside of Canada $10.00

Membership dues are payable in Canadian funds to the ‘Pacific Pin Club Society’. Payment can be made by personal cheque (Canadian applicants) or International money order (outside of Canada) OR PayPal using membership AT pacificpinclub DOT org using the Send Money Online – Friends and Family feature. Please do not send cash in the mail.

Download, print and mail the Membership Application Form, along with your payment to

Pacific Pin Club Society
8057 Caribou Street
Mission, BC V2V 5R1

Or pay your membership dues by PayPal to membership AT pacificpinclub D0T org using the Send Money Online – Friends and Family feature.